Revolutionize Your ITES Business with Kylas CRM

Lead Management and Inquiries:

• Automate lead capture from   various sources. • Assign leads based on location or   source.  • Track leads through the sales   pipeline. • Automated messaging for lead     engagement.

Prioritizing Key Accounts:

• Manage stakeholders as contacts. • Automated personalized   messaging.  • Notifications for follow-ups and   renewals • Track communication and account   history. 

Client Knowledge Empowerment:

• Centralized customer information   database • Integration with business apps.  • Store important additional client   details • Identify upselling opportunities.

Comprehensive Business Health Overview:

• Sales forecasting and pipeline   visibility • Team activity insights.  • Product performance and ROI   insights • Customizable dashboards for   reports .

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

• Unified platform for team   collaboration • Meetings dashboard for schedule   management. • Communication tools within CRM. • Task management across teams.

Field Sales Management:

• Geo tracking for customer visits. • Optimizing field team productivity.