Busting AI Myths & Best Tool Suggestion

Myth #1: AI Is a Magic Wand That Immediately Solves All Problems

● Expect AI to deliver immediate     solutions ● AI's effectiveness is closely tied to the    quality of input data ● Requires time to analyze information,     identify problem areas, and devise     solutions. ● A slow but reliable path to achieving    growth

Myth#2 AI Is a Stand-Alone Tool for Sales Optimization

● AI cannot function in isolation ● Enhanced effectiveness with CRM     integration ● Prioritize organized data to     personalize content ● Streamline collaboration CRM    systems.

Myth #3: AI in Sales Will Take Over People’s Jobs

● Replying to texts/emails    and handling complex calculations. ● Enhances work rather than     replacing humans ● Primarily to automate repetitive and     time-consuming tasks ● More of a 'robot assistant' rather than     a 'robot colleague'

Myth #4: AI Will Impersonalize Sales

● AI will not replace salespeople ● AI algorithms leverage customer    data to understand sentiment ● Enables sales reps to interact better ● Data-driven nature of AI is expected    to power 95% of customer     interactions by 2025

Myth #5: AI Can Only Be Used by Large Enterprises

● AI is not exclusively for large    enterprises. ● A significant impact on MSMEs. ● Levels the playing field by making     advanced tools accessible to SMBs ● Choose the right tools that align with    needs and budget.

Best AI Tools

● Luna ● Second Nature. ● Exceed.ai ● Humantic AI ● Good Meetings