7 Effective Pre-sales Activities for a Winning Sales Process Let's Go!

“Prospect and Lead Qualification"

• More leads doesn’t mean more   sales • Analyze the leads • Understand their needs, budgets,    etc.

“Make Discovery Calls and Pitch”

• Initiate conversations with the   qualified leads. • Make effective value propositions. • Design personalized offers.

“Create Customer Proposals”

• Summarize all the information   collected. • Addressing the solutions. • Add data points and social proof.

“Conduct Competitor Research” Research your :

• Competitors. • Their products/services. • Pricing. • Customer base. • Sales.

"Analyze Customers"

• Use deep insights. • Figure how they will be convinced. • Sending out surveys. • Reaching out personally.

"Detail Out Buyer Personas"

• Extended version of customer   analysis. • Information about your target   buyers.

“Provide Support to Customers”

• Resolve customer queries. • Nurture your customer   relationships.

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