What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? And How to Reduce it! Know more.

What is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

• CAC is the total expense of   acquiring a single customer • Directly impacts your overall   profitability • Varies from company to company • A 10% reduction in CAC can lead to   a 23% increase in profit

What is Included in CAC?

• Salaries of marketers or salespeople • Ad spending • Marketing costs • Expenditure on promotional events.

Why is it so important for your business?

Helps businesses measure the success of - A new product Service Acts as a base of future plannings Plan budgets & discover ways to allocate the money

How to Reduce Your CAC?

• Don’t spend more than 33% of your   average customer lifetime value • Ensure You’re Selling to the Right   Audiences • Accurately Track Customers • Retarget Customers • Align your Ads Properly

How to Reduce Your CAC? (Contd.)

Optimize Landing Pages Use Organic Marketing Shorten your Sales Cycle Retain Customers Improve your Sales Funnel Use AI

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