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Financial Tech firms run on customer data, which is tirelessly collected and finely analyzed. The result of this analysis drives every single business decision. For FinTech, customer data is even more valuable than oil. It’s a life source.

Manage all your customer data, track all your sales activities, automate repetitive tasks, and onboard new customers faster with Kylas.


Efficient Data Management

Every insight and every piece of data can help your team close deals faster. By leveraging the power of data, enable your team to efficiently connect with interested prospects.

  • Keep digital records of client information and documents to avoid storing physical copies.
  • Have a ready reference of past communications and actions taken on a record.
  • Automatically capture leads from online and offline channels, social media, website, calls and chatbots.
  • Eliminate lead duplicity by setting up uniqueness rules.
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FinTech CRM Data Management

Stay on Top of Every Inquiry

With Kylas ensure that no lead falls through cracks. Ensure zero lead leakage and also get deep insights into how your marketing channels are performing.

  • Auto-assign leads to the right sales person based on availability, location, and other criteria.
  • Drive more conversions by sending well-timed personalized communication across popular channels.
  • Develop customized financial solutions for your potential consumers basis the collected data.
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leads Inquiry in FinTech CRM

Minimize Redundancies And Improve Sales Team Efficiency

Create workflows that help minimize redundant tasks such as sending follow-ups and scheduling meetings. Free up your sales team to focus on closing deals.

  • Create automated processes for free trials, paid plans, selecting payment method of choice, billing, and more.
  • Engage your customers with automated yet personalized WhatsApp messages, and emails.
  • Automate different processes based on specific customer needs and avoid any delays.
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FinTech Sales Team Efficiency

Customize Kylas to Solve for Your Unique Use Case

Every business is unique and so are their CRM requirements. With Kylas, you can customize your data and processes to ensure that your unique business needs are taken care of.

  • Create separate pipelines for your marketing, pre-sales, sales, and customer success team.
  • Customizable reports to get detailed insights into business performance.
  • Custom productivity dashboard to track every important business metric in one place.
  • Custom fields to capture additional datapoints
  • Smart lists to segment data as per your requirements.
  • Use customizations to adjust dashboards, reports, pipelines, and more.
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Customize Kylas FinTech CRM

Seamless User and Team Management

Have complete control of your data with Access Control and Team management. Keep your customer data safe by defining which users in your organization have access to specific data and fields, and control which information they can view or what actions they can take.

  • Create new users and assign them user profiles based on their work function.
  • Provide different levels of accesses (read, update and update all) to existing users
  • Manage all the other users in your account as an admin.
  • Create custom profiles and teams and set data sharing rules for them.
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User and Team Management with FinTech CRM

Call Center Management

Enable your call center to work at maximum efficiency. Help them make the perfect pitch at the perfect time by giving them access to every record and interaction log.

  • Help your agents call their clients with one click.
  • Break down communication silos for continued conversations.
  • Receive an instant notification about incoming messages and queries. Reduce your TAT and keep your clients happy.
  • With Call logs keep track of all the calls your team make.
  • Schedule a follow-up task or set up an appointment right after every sales call.
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Call Center Management with FinTech CRM

Reports and Analytics

Get detailed and personalized reports to understand company performance in certain periods. Leverage them to understand and rectify process inefficiencies, track sales targets and team performances.

  • Track the status of every new inquiry and their readiness to closure.
  • Track interactions, purchases, and recurring demands to determine sales and service-related trends.
  • Track the status of all your active and paying users.
  • Forecast revenue accurately based on deal sizes and closure history. Segregate revenue data via product, pipeline, deal, etc.
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FinTech CRM Reports and Analytics

Payment Integration

Set up an easy-to-use product catalog with flexible pricing and structure.Speed up your sales processes and billing by integrating Kylas with payment gateways like Razorpay.

  • Automatically send payment reminders and links to your customers from the CRM with Razorpay integration.
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities based on recurring customer payments.
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FinTech CRM Payment Integration

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Why is Kylas the best bet for FinTech?


Integrate with popular business apps such as marketing automation software, accounting software, and others.

Workflow Automation

Automate redundant tasks and communications to save your team’s time

Mobile CRM

Enable your team to ace their targets even on their mobile.

WhatsApp API & Chat

Reach out to customers where they are the most active.

Field Sales

Geo check-in & check-out to manage your field team.

Customizable Reports

Create detailed reports that yield major insights about your company’s performance.

Notifications and Reminders

Auto-generated alerts so that your team doesn’t miss out

Digital Transactions

Streamline your payment process with Razorpay integration.

Our Customers Love Us

Kylas helps us monitor the work of all our teams. It is user-friendly and has helped us save a lot of time in our operations. I find the features of automation, customization, reporting and API Integration offered by Kylas to be very helpful.

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Prakash R. Co-Founder, Finbits

We have seen a 45% increase in our sales in the past year- all thanks to Kylas. My team's overall performance and productivity has improved because of the automation in the system. Even though Kylas is a Sales CRM all my departments use it on a daily basis. Kylas has helped us transition from hard work to smart work and I would like to rate it 5/5.

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Yogendra S.Director Sales, Omega Financials

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Why should I buy a Fintech CRM for my business?

Fintech customers continue to seek better experiences. With a CRM, Fintech companies can collect, organize, and manage customer data to facilitate smooth customer service. The saved data helps Fintech companies facilitate conversations that drive results. With personalized conversations, you can improve the entire customer journey and sell better.

With a Fintech CRM, you can help your team fine-tune your products and services to meet customer needs. It lets you proficiently manage and enhance your team’s performance and stay on top of their tasks every time.

How much does it cost to implement a Fintech CRM?

You can install Kylas at a fixed cost of INR 12,999/month. You can onboard unlimited users and benefit from all our features. You also get Onboarding and Training by CRM Experts.

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