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Onboarding & Training

  • ApnaRupee Logo
  • Industry FINANCE

    Location Pune

    Previously used software Excel Sheets

  • Sales team size200+ Sales members across all verticals
  • Challenges
    • Limited capabilities with Excel Sheets
    • Difficulty in monitoring remote sales teams spread across India
    • Difficulty in managing internal communications
  • How Kylas Helped
    • Improved Lead Conversion
    • Improved Customer Engagement
    • Better Internal communications
    • Seamless Collaboration
    • Ease in tracking sales activities using Advanced Reporting features


Leading Financial Services Company Achieves 80% Higher Sales With Kylas CRM

Ruchi Sunkarwar

Sr. CRM Co-ordinator 

About ApnaRupee

Apnarupee.com is a financial services organization that takes pride in serving numerous clients with its best home loan guide services. It helps in providing its clients with the highest quality and customized financial solution combined with the lowest rates available in their location. 

ApnaRupee ensures that its customers get a financial solution that is tailored specifically to meet their financing needs. 


ApnaRupee is a growing business that serves clients with its tailor-made financing needs. Like many growing businesses, they had depended on excel sheets to track their sales efficiency. However, this system was proving to be ineffective as their teams continued to grow. 

 Speaking about the challenges they faced, Ruchi Sunkarwar explains, “Our verticals were continuously growing, so was the sales team. For ApnaRupee, we wanted a CRM solution with an extensive feature set that could help us scale in our business.”  

In addition to that, managing internal team communications was also a big challenge. It was getting very difficult to keep everyone on the same page. ApnaRupee needed an efficient system to manage all its communications on a single platform. 

Why Kylas 

As ApnaRupee started looking for solutions, they also explored different Sales CRM tools. They needed something affordable but found that most of the CRM in the market were not up to their expectations. 

During our research, we came across Kylas and found it easy to use, quite intuitive and also fit within our budget. We could also get a 360º view of all our Leads, Deals, Contacts and Companies. Through Kylas, we could create multiple pipelines for multiple teams and various business units.

With features like Smart Lists, our sales team could filter Leads and make lists according to their needs such as ‘open leads’ or ‘all converted leads’.

This helped them manage customer data efficiently and save time. 

Not just that, the ease with which we could set up and onboard our sales team, customize it to suit our business needs and customers, sealed the deal for us. 

We always had Kylas technical support team with us to help our employees get used to the platform.

That was a big differentiating factor for ApnaRupee when finalizing Kylas as their CRM partner.

How Kylas Helped 

ApnaRupee’s sales team was distributed across India and Kylas played a pivotal role in bringing all the sales data and records under one roof. With Kylas, ApnaRupee was able to tick all three goals: improved sales performance, better organization of sales data, and better sales insights. 

Improved Sales Performance

The workflow automation that Kylas offered helped the sales team focus on selling more and increase revenue significantly. For example, when a lead shared their contact number on their website form, the details were automatically captured in the CRM, triggering a workflow. 

 As a growing business, they couldn’t afford to spend their time on manual tasks that could be easily automated. According to Ruchi, the workflows in Kylas allowed automating the sales processes, in turn boosting the sales performance immensely.  

“In the last 3 months, we have achieved 80% more sales.”  

Organizing Sales Data Better

Creating different sales pipelines for leads and deals helped the team better understand how each lead or deal was doing and what they needed to do to attract more quality leads from each pipeline.  

Not only that, now their sales reps could have a comprehensive view of each customer’s history, which improved their ability to track the customer’s journey and eventually, crack deals.

Easy Integrations with 3rd Party Platforms 

Among the many features of Kylas that they used, Facebook Integration and IVR integrations with Tata Teleservices proved to be extremely beneficial. By using the calling and messaging integration available in Kylas, the sales reps could now easily track conversations with customers and concentrate on getting the problem solved right away.

What’s more, they could also record conversations, add notes, and log them for future use, which Ruchi says “was tedious and time-consuming earlier.” 

Better Performance Insights 

Ruchi also highlighted the importance of Multi-dimensional reports, using which their sales team and managers could derive clear actionable insights about their sales productivity.  

According to her, these reports have particularly helped the team track and plug the loopholes in their processes. Customized reporting helped the team of loan officers find the right loan program at the lowest rate, track their key performance indicators to improve sales, get smart insights about the best home loans, and steer the business in the right direction. 

The Road Ahead

When asked how ApnaRupee sales teams feel about the CRM, Ruchi was quick to reply,

I would definitely recommend this product to other growing businesses. It’s super easy to implement and use for people with zero technical expertise. 

The team is great! We like working with Kylas as they are constantly innovating and they understand our business needs really well. Kylas has empowered our sales team, and improved our productivity and efficiency.

As a sales CRM, I would rate it 4.5/5.

To know more about how Kylas CRM can help your financial services business streamline sales efforts and convert deals faster, sign up here for a free CRM trial. 

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